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6 Easy Tips for Flying with a Baby

Parenting Hacks

Despite so many misconceptions of flying on the plane with a baby, it is actually quite easier (and cheaper) than you'd think! Here are 6 easy tips for bringing baby with you on the plane! Look at your specific airline's rules for more guidance. This is our experience with the major airlines we have flown with.
1. You can bring liquids on the plane for your baby.
  • If the liquids (milk, filtered/distilled water, etc) are essential to your baby's survival-you will be allowed to bring them. 
  • It does not have to be in a 2oz container. 
  • If you experience any issues: specify that it is for the baby and reiterate that the plane doesn't have filtered water for making formula or carry your milk on their drink carts. 
2. Breast pumps are considered a medical device and therefore, does not count as a carry-on or personal item.
    • You can bring this item on the plane in addition to your other items without paying extra. 
    • Use a carrying bag for breast pumps for extra storage capabilities for pumping accessories, ice packs, milk storage bags, wipes, etc.
    3. Diaper bags are not considered a personal item or carry-on and are FREE to bring on the plane.
      • Think of them like the baby's personal item. You can bring these in addition to the breast pump (if applicable), personal item, and carry-on.
      • They do not even have to have diapers in the bag! You just tell them, "this is my baby's diaper bag".
      4. Don't pay for baby's ticket!
        • Most airlines don't require a separate ticket for babies under the age of 3. (This age can be 2 for some airlines). 
        • Unless the flight is extremely long, you can just hold them instead of paying for another ticket.
        • Use a baby carrier for an easier, hands-free flight (mesh ones are great for breathability, especially in a hot plane).
        5. Gate check the carseat and stroller.
          • It may get a few scratches, but if you check your stroller and carseat you won't have to rent one and this can save you so much hassel and money! 
          • It is FREE to check them. You do so AT THE GATE so they are the first and last things on the plane. This means you will get the items right away, you won't have to wait forever in baggage claim.
          • Rental car agencies require the use of a carseat before releasing their rental for legality and liability purposes.
          6. Bring something to sanitize.
            • Everyone has their sanitation preference (i.e anti-bacterial wipes or spray). Bring a mini version on the plane and use it on EVERYTHING the baby can touch. The windows, the window shades, the tray, the magazines/brochures, the arm rests, the back of the seat in front of you, all of it. 
            • Many box stores sell a mini pack of antibacterial wipes or spray in their travel section where they sell the travel sized soap, small empty bottles for shampoo and conditioner and the mini deoderants. 
            • We prefer the use of mechanical, chemical free cleaning. We use high-quality micro-fiber cloths that remove 99% of bacteria with just water. You can bring one of these pre-moistened cloths and sanitize that way too! This will ensure no chemicals enter baby's mouth!